The Opportunity

Mycologicals are products derived from the incredibly diverse strains of mushrooms.

With growing acceptance and legalization industry experts predict that global market opportunities for mycologicals, including psychedelic mushrooms, could reach $100B by 2024.


global market reach by 2024


Natural Health market in North America alone


in treatment for mental disorders

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Investment Highlights


New Wave will operate two production facilities.

Jamaica — where psychedelic mushrooms are legal for recreational use — is the home to our two operational farms (22 total acres) licensed for mushroom cultivation. They are currently cultivating, producing, and exporting both psychedelic and non-psychoactive medicinal mushrooms.

Altilis Beauty™

Our all-natural skincare brand with exclusive patented technology.

Our wholly-owned all-natural skincare brand Altilis features products made from the Breadfruit Flower, using a patented flower extraction process. This gives us an established sales funnel we can use to introduce a product line made from non-psychoactive medicinal mushrooms.

Anahit Health

New Functional Mushroom Products.

Anahit Natural Health brand is developing a product portfolio to include healthcare and customized products that incorporate legal functioning mushrooms as well as conducting R&D initiatives.

IP Development

Continued innovation and development of an intellectual property portfolio.

The company is building a scientific advisory board to expedite the development of New Wave’s psychedelic medical research portfolio.

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