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We know the technology. We recognize talent. And we’re bringing those two things together to make your investment into Web3 one that reliably inspires confidence.

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There is a generational increase in demand for Web3 exposure and investment, Newwave will be the key provider for the most innovative and sought-after projects and investments for the future.

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You Know

there’s opportunity but there learning curve feels like it’s 90º straight up.

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We Know

how to find the first movers and
identify the disruptors. We’ve built a team with extensive experience, insight and analytical skill.

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Our Goal?

Find them, fund them, maximize
returns and project progress, therefore owning the lead as the evolution of the internet as we know it takes place.

Market Stats / Mega Trends

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Global blockchain funding in 2021. Up 713% YoY.


NFT sales volume in 2021, compared to just $94.9M in 2020.


The Metaverse market in the U.S. in 2021.

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As we witness the dawn of the Web3 future, modern interactions and company services are rapidly evolving, join Newwave as we usher in this future and form a new digital era.